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The Greenman House Party is a collection of 2.420 serial chillers and cannabis lovers collectively called the Greenmen. Each Greenman is uniquely generated out of 84 attributes and will double as your avatar in the chillest party on the Solana blockchain.

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Stage One
  • Conceptualization and creation of the NFT collection
  • Background logistical work for an international club and e-shop
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Stage Two
  • !The Greenman House Party is live on Discord and Twitter
  • !Early Collaborations
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Stage Three
  • Mint
  • Secondary market listing!
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Stage Four
  • .DAO Formation
  • .Staking
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Final Stage
  • International E-shop and Greenman Cannabis Social Club.


We have been running a b2b CBD business and an associated retail e-shop since 2020 in Greece. With this in mind, it comes naturally that the utilities of being a Greenman will span both the NFT space as well as IRL.


Staking to receive $CANNA (Check Tokenomics for full breakdown)

Participation in the governance of the collection

420 blazeit

Membership in the emerging club:

  • Ticket airdrops to cannabis related events
  • E-shop Discounts (starting from 20%)
  • IRL social club member

Become a greenman

STEP 1: Join our Discord server!

STEP 2: An exclusive presale will first be offered to our first 1420 strongest supporters! Check our discord for info on how to be eligible for WL!

STEP 3: Our public sale, accessible by everyone, will happen shortly after. Mint price for both sales will be 1.42 $SOL.

The Team


aka Adreas Karampakalis; OG Greenman. Jerrycoin hodler.

Ancient MacNooty

aka Moondweller; Solana & Radix marine.


Solana OG & proud nooter. Ape mentality.


Female graffiti legend. Crypto newbie.

Forsaken Mystery

Master of despair and disguise in web2.5.


Dev Man doing Dev Man Thangz.


Ex-cardgame pro turned pfp lover.


10th of March

1.42 $SOL


Check the #how-whitelist-channel in our discord to find out!