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The Greenman House Party is an NFT collection aiming to establish a strong community and a revenue-sharing, cannabis related e-shop backed by an established b2b brand! We have been doing it in IRL and now its time to do it on Solana!

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Stage One
  • Conceptualization and creation of the NFT collection
  • Background logistical work for an international club and e-shop
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Stage Two
  • !The Greenman House Party is live on Discord and Twitter
  • !Early Collaborations
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Stage Three
  • Mint
  • Secondary market listing!
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Stage Four
  • .DAO Formation
  • .Staking
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Final Stage
  • International E-shop and Greenman Cannabis Social Club.


We have been running a b2b CBD business and an associated retail e-shop since 2020 in Greece. With this in mind, it comes naturally that the utilities of being a Greenman will span both the NFT space as well as IRL.


Staking to receive $CANNA

Revenue Sharing based on staked Greenmen!

420 blazeit

Membership in the emerging club:

  • Ticket airdrops to cannabis related events
  • Participation in the governance of the collection
  • E-shop Discounts (starting from 20%)
  • Social club member

Greenman E-Shop

An internationally shipping e-shop will be created allowing you to purchase products including:

CBD and Cannabis products

Cannabis related apparel (Grinders, rolling trays and more!)

Greenman merchandize

$CANNA will be a payment option in the e-shop! Check out our existing e-shop for a preview!


$CANNA is the utility token of the Greenman House Party!
Stake your Greenman and get daily earnings from a maximum supply of 4.200.000!

The Team


aka Adreas Karampakalis; OG Greenman. Jerrycoin hodler.


Solana & Radix marine.


Crypto, nft & weed enthusiast, discord overlord.


Female graffiti legend. Crypto newbie.

Forsaken Mystery

Master of despair and disguise in web 2.5

Frogthelion The 3rd

Discord dweller - part time human, web3 cannabis related crazed.


Community builder with a relentless work ethic. Unclear when he sleeps.





Mint revenue will go towards funding the roadmap. Secondary market revenue (7%) will be broken down as follows: 60% project development 30% DAO treasury 10% Team