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A Breakdown of the Greenman House Party Project


The Greenman House Party is a collection of serial chillers and cannabis lovers collectively called the Greenmen. Each Greenman is uniquely generated out of 84 attributes and will double as your avatar in the chillest party on the Solana blockchain.

This project is our entry into Web 3.0 on which we aim to create an international cannabis club and an revenue sharing e-shop. Each Greenman NFT reflects membership in the emerging club. The overall goal of the collection, as well as the brand, is to create a strong community revolving around the pharmaceutical as well as the recreational use of cannabis and to help the world realize that, when used correctly, cannabis is a gift from nature.


The Greenman House Party was created by “The Greenman Show”. We began our reefer journey on YouTube in 2014 and since then we have not stopped dealing with everything concerning cannabis. Throughout the years, the “Greenman” meme became well known in Greece, with more and more people owning our signature green mask. Every person who wears a green mask and enjoys cannabis is considered to share the Greenman culture.

Furthermore, for the past 2 years, we have been operating a successful b2b CBD business as well as a retail e-shop (shipping top quality CBD, seeds, cannabis related apparel and our own merch) under the legal entity “GREENMAN.GR PRIVATE COMPANY”. Our goal is to interoperate the NFT collection with our IRL business and provide meaningful utilities to ensure its longevity and success.

The NFT Collection

Our artist, NiqueONE took great care in designing a collection that looks great as a PFP but also follows an original art style. Drawing heavily from her career as a graffiti artist, NiqueOne implemented clear cut lining and bold colors to allow the Greenman character to stand out in front of heavily detailed backgrounds. The theme of the collection is of course – a house party. The backgrounds of the collection depict different rooms of the house including the main hall, the kitchen, the bathroom, the garden etc.


As a team, we emphasize the importance of merging web3 with IRL. To this end, we want the utilities of owning a “Greenman House Party” NFT to span both worlds.


$CANNA – the utility token of the Greenman House Party

To further incentivize the community to hold their Greenmen, but also to create a utility token that facilitates all types of activities in the community we decided to issue $CANNA. $CANNA will be minted by Greenman stakers and will be characterized by a preset maximum supply and a linear inflation rate. Furthermore, a portion of all $CANNA spent on ecosystem utilities will be burnt to reduce the circulating supply and raise the price.

Utilities will include:

Token allocation:

  • Staking: 3.906.000 $CANNA (93%)
  • Marketing: 168.000 $CANNA (4%)
  • Team: 126.000 $CANNA (3%)

Maximum supply: 4.200.000 $CANNA

Funds breakdown

Mint and Secondary Market Revenue: